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Inquiry Learning

At St Christopher’s we employ an inquiry based approach, to learning within an integrated curriculum, developing the knowledge, skills and dispositions.


In preparing our students for their future, we recognise the importance of developing their capacity to learn how to learn. Our inquiry approach embraces the philosophy of ‘life long’ learning and is a process that draws on a range of tools and strategies to develop thinking, research, collaboration, communication and self management skills.


Each term our students embark on an Inquiry which is a cross-curricular, inquiry based investigation that aims to develop a cumulative understanding of the six big conceptual ideas:

• Nature & Sustainability

• Culture & Tradition

• History & Heritage

• Health & Wellbeing

• Science & Innovation

• Community & Citizenship


Each Inquiry begins with an exploration of relevant key concepts. The content, skills and dispositions incorporated provide a balance between curriculum outcomes, real life contexts, current affairs and student interest.

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