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Learning Enhancement

Program Modifications to Support All Students

St Christopher’s School works hard to do everything possible to support the learning of each individual child in their care. Along with effective classroom practice the educators at St Christopher’s have well chosen and practical interventions available to support their literacy program and teaching and learning strategies.

The School Interventions Framework supports staff to define and deliver what will work best to achieve learning success for each individual student. While a range of learning environments can be utilised, personalised individual programming for students does not necessarily mean 1:1 delivery in or out of the classroom.

The School Interventions Framework aims to provide strategic programs, preferably to groups of students with common needs or strengths, at frequent and regular intervals, to improve their learning outcomes. Classroom teachers or intervention educators may implement programs within the classroom environment or within other school learning areas.

The St Christopher’s Interventions Framework promotes the development of each teacher’s knowledge and skills in teaching and learning, student learning styles, curriculum adaptations and accommodations and use of a variety of resources. The School Interventions Framework results in a greater achievement and success in learning for all our students. The approaches are evidence based and considerate of current research, are data driven and regularly measured for their effectiveness and suitability.

All St Christopher’s educators welcome student diversity by employing flexible instructional materials, techniques and strategies that provide robust learning supports for all learners.

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