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Education in Faith

Education in Faith is the central focus of both the formal and informal Catholic school curriculum. The staff and students of St Christopher’s Primary School demonstrate an active commitment to living out our Gospel values and we take time to pray together as a school, in our classes and prior to all meetings.

Set behind the Church of St Christopher’s in Airport West, our school has a strong link to the Parish and Community. We celebrate with the wider faith community and share in celebrations of feast days and masses regularly throughout the school year. As a community we work together to respond to local and global social justice issues.


As a school, we learn about:

- Sacred Story through scripture texts and stories

- key actions, signs and symbols of liturgy and sacrament in our Catholic tradition

- the significance of ritual and prayer

- ways that we can support our local and global communities to be bread for the hungry and a light to the world through social justice and other programs.

Our Sacramental program is an important part of the Religious Education program at St Christopher’s Primary School. Although the Sacraments occur in particular year levels, we celebrate each occasion as a whole school and incorporate this into our P-6 curriculum.

The Sacrament of Penance is celebrated through Reconciliation in year three, usually in term one. During term two, the year six children present to the Bishop for the Sacrament of Confirmation and in term three the children in year four receive their First Eucharist. Parents are involved in the preparation of Sacraments by attending workshops with their children and attending mass.

Children in year three, four and six who are preparing to receive a Sacrament attend a parish mass in order to ask the parishioners for their prayers and to receive a blessing from Fr Joseph. In the weeks following the Sacrament, the children again return to the Parish mass to celebrate with the parishioners and to receive their certificate.

We welcome you to St Christopher’s Primary School…a faith and learning community.

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