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At St Christopher’s our Numeracy Program starts with your child. Knowing our students and their individual strengths and learning needs ensures that classroom activities focus on developing and extending the mathematical capabilities of all learners.  We use a range of ongoing assessment methods and tools to identify what children currently know and plan the next steps for their learning.

The Australian Curriculum provides the developmental overview of learning outcomes at each year level, which teachers use to plan and sequence learning experiences appropriate for their classes. Over the course of their primary schooling, children develop essential skills and knowledge in the content strands of:

• Number and Algebra

• Measurement and Geometry

• Statistics and Probability

Teachers consciously plan activities which engage students in developing important mathematical skills, concepts, strategies and understandings. A problem solving approach, hands-on experiences, contemporary learning tools and open-ended activities are all key features of daily lessons in Mathematics here at St Christopher’s.

The Numeracy Team members regularly work within classrooms as well as running targeted withdrawal groups to both support and extend learners at all levels throughout our school.

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