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LOTE - Italian

LOTE (Languages Other Than English) is part of our rotations program.  The LOTE offered at St Christopher’s is Italian.  In accordance with AusVels there are two dimensions in the study of LOTE:  Communicating in a language other than English, and Intercultural knowledge and language awareness.


Units of work focus on developing cultural understandings as well as reading, listening, speaking and writing skills using simple and fun activities.  Students have the opportunity to develop curiosity about language and diverse cultural traditions through games, stories, songs, role-plays, guest speakers and our bi-annual ‘Carnevale’ celebration.


Many children from our school have diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.  All parents and grandparents etc. are always welcome to share any aspect of their language and culture in our LOTE classes in order to help promote language and cultural self-awareness and understanding.

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